Yip folks, each month I’m going to try and interview a new author. One whose book is just out. This month it’s the turn of Milly Taiden  to talk about her book Sharp Change, recently published by Etopia Press.  

Q. Milly, how long you been writing, apart from when you first learned to write your name?
 A.  Since I learned to write! Always had my head in the clouds. My Mom and Dad used to say I was happy anywhere as long as I had a book, or pen and paper. Either reading or writing was my thing. I started writing novellas/novels when I hit high school. I used to love reading romance and wanted to write my own, so I did. As I got older I made them more adult.  
Q. So a long time to make it. What about that thing aspiring writers dream of….your actual call story? 
A. OMG this was so funny. My goal was to get an acceptance by my birthday (mid- April) so b-day came and went. I  was depressed when it didn’t happen. Two weeks after my birthday I got the email from Annie. I sat there all dumb and thinking it was a rejection and then when I saw “offer contract”, I was like OMG!!!! LOL I was screaming and I couldn’t get in touch with my best friend because her internet was down and she’s the one that told me to get in touch with that publisher. It was insane and awesome!
Q.  Well they are aren’t they! Why did you chose the genre you’re writing, within the Romance market itself?
A. I think Romance chose me. I’ve always loved Romance. But a few years ago I started writing steamier love scenes and then I went full erotic. It felt so freeing. And that’s when I realized I was meant to write Erotic Romance. I love it. I can have a story and some hot sex and I’m happy.
Q.  So what’s Sharp Change about? Apart from…what you’re saying?  
A. Sharp Change is book 1 of The Black Meadows Pack. It just came to me one day. I was such a geek in school and the guy I liked never looked at me, so I wrote my own version of what would happen if things were different. Of course in my head he’s a werewolf and I’m a badass scientist LOL. Sophia is a lot like me. She’s short and curvy and has a crazy sense of humor. She is working on some serious research on shapeshifters and what helps them shift.  Chase is the alpha and really wants Sophia, but she keeps him at a distance and he feels she’s not interested. The truth is so  much more interesting than that. And when she has an accident and everything changes, Chase is one happy wolf. There’s a witty heroine, some crazy bad guys, a great pack and some really hot love scenes.
Q. Oooh!! Can’t wait to read this now. So who is the hot muse? Or don’t you have one?
A.  Believe it or not I get inspiration from the weirdest things. I could be on the train and see something and just write some notes. Most times I get ideas in the middle of the night. I can think up a whole book while half-asleep. If i don’t write it down I am one pissed off bunny in the morning. I also tend to be more inspired once I’ve had my daily chat with my best friend. She is a great inspiration and I love telling her my ideas. Q  Where is this hot book available?A Amazon.comAllromanceebooks.com
 Q. Okay, I admit I am biased re Etopia. What’s it been like for you being one of the stable?
A. I love being an Etopia author, everyone is SO NICE! and helpful. I love being part of a community where people want to help the next person succeed. It’s what helps us ALL move forward.
Q Absolutely. So Millie, let’s forget book and characters for a mo, tell us a bit about you.  
A. About me? Wow this is hard. I love chocolate, but who doesn’t, right? LOL. I’m addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee. We, my sister and I are big fans of their Iced Lattes. For anyone not from the U.S. it’s a coffee chain like Starbucks…but BETTER!!! I love to read. A LOT. my kindle has over 1000K books. I know I can’t read as often as I used to with all my writing but it’s still great. I love to read Erotic Romance lol. But I also love suspense and horror. I’m a huge horror/sci fi movie fan. both hubby and I are. We have the full collection of Aliens and have watched part 2 so much my 6 yr. old can quote it word for word LOL. I have a little boy and a dog named Speedy. I work full-time for a large financial services company but I also write a lot, am a mom and pretend to be a wife some times LOL. Oh! and i’m a shoe lover. I have enough shoes to fill a few closets. But every few months I give most of my older pairs away to my mom. She takes them to needy people in the Dominican Republic.

Q. Where can you be contacted?

A. Website: http://millytaiden.com

email: millytaiden@gmail.com


twitter: @millytaiden

Q. Finally, what about future books?

A. Under Milly Taiden I have a few coming but the next in the list is Fate’s Wish (witch/demon love story). I also have Mate Event in the Etopia Halloween Anthology. Under April Angel (My name I write Contemporary Erotic Romance) Mr. Buff comes out in October.It’s been a very busy year. YAY!……


Let’s all  agree April Angel is some name!!