Tenacity. This is digging in for the long haul. Maybe there is such a thing as overnight success. You can bet your boots, the night was probably ten years long. Or in going to sleep, the bed was all made up. In other words, that person always wanted to write and had maybe taken a while to  get down to it and hone the craft to fit the market.

Unwillingness. To accept defeat or let go the dream.

Voice. So important. It is what distinguishes you from Adam, Eve and all the other writers out there.

Wikipedia. Hell of a handy you need a fact to hand. The foot leather it saves. Of course we know it’s not foolproof and you can’t write a whole book from it.   

Xenia. What you do find yourself giving to strangers to your blog and they give to you. Hospitality.  As well as Xerophytes the scarce ‘food’ plants your family learn to get by on, as they live in the desert of your writing day.

Yap. Literally, the mouth that produces speech, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Zeal. You don’t have it for your writing, no-one else is gonna.

There now…. That’s it folks.  The way I see it anyway. Oh…wait a minute did I forget something…………..? Something very special for a romance writer, beginning with S? 

I think I did. Something sumptuous. Something sensuous. Something very, very necessary on a cold, winter’s night.

Socks. You sit up writing and you feet will freeze. So you need something to keep them from turning to blocks of ice with. Now come on, you already know you got to be able to describe that other activity, if you are writing romance, so it goes without saying you must know a little about it……..