Idiocy. Well sometimes only one would keep going.

Juggling. Writing is a thinking task. Duh! Apparently requiring the same kind of mental effort as a high-level chess match. You need to juggle three things, text, what you plan to say next, and how your imagined readership will interpret what’s being written. A man wrote this okay. I thought he was going to say day job, family, the inch of dust on top of the bookcase,

Karma. You need a lot of that too. Instant or otherwise.

Motivation. The martini on the Gin Martini Cointreau mantra, you chant while you perform the aforementioned tasks. Again this isn’t just your hero and heroine’s, it’s yours. You have to want to succeed to do it, because nothing will land in your lap, not when the world is heavily populated by people with that same part.

Nous. As if everything else isn’t enough,that weather eye needs kept on trends and markets. Are you smart enough to spot the opening? The new company. The expanding company. The  company now actively seeking what you write.

Obstinacy. I don’t care what it takes, or that it takes years, I will not give up.

Patience. Forget the query hell wait, you need this precisely for the above. But hey, add professionalism. When you approach an agent or a publishing house, always do it that way.

Quality.  I thought quollocks, rhymes with bollocksand it’s probably what you want to say to….a lot of things during this process really. But if your work isn’t of a certain quality, that process is sure to be ongoing.  

Ruthlessness.  You thought…rejection right? Well it goes without saying you will face it and this biz will break you if you let it. But no…you want that book written, you need to be capable of putting it first.

Whicih all brings us to S…Oh dear, that bookcase really does look dusty……