They say one is meant to be serious after all. giving fabulous writing tips and advice, so Sir Galahad is off on holiday. Paid his fare and everything. And instead of talking about goat dancing on the island of Tilos, I’m going to do some blogs on what an aspiring writer….well what I’ve found anyway… could do with a shovel-load of in this hard to break-into world.

 Agility. What? You thought I’d say agent? Or maybe even ability? Well, you don’t have the second, you’re not going to find the first. With the supersonic rate of change in the publishing industry today, the first isn’t always necessary. No – agility is the power of being just as flexible, especially when it comes to your writing.  Be prepared to adapt, change, find the way in for your voice and your writing.

 Balls. Yip, regular cohones.  Absolute requisite for putting yourself out there.

 Conflict.  Just one of the things your story needs to succeed. Let’s face it in romance writing especially, we sort of know in advance there will be a HEA.  It’s not just about the pretty picture, the falling in love, it’s the conflict and how that’s going to resolve that keeps us reading. So bring it on.

 Discipline. Books don’t self-write…if only.  It means getting the words down whatever.

Editing. And a certain amount of ruthlessness to do it. You may be holding onto these extra 20 thou words like the equivalent is gold dust. Do you really need em though? 

Friends.  An absolute must. Writing palz are even better. Then you have someone to bounce things off the wall with. Moan and groan and share the ups and downs with. A decent writing pal will tell you what needs sorted, what’s not working and what’s not quite there.

Goal. Firstly the story one.Secondly your hero and heroine’s ones. If people have nothing to win or lose, then neither does your reader reading it. Thirdly you need goals, or your intention to be a writer can just drift…….

Hell…what you often feel you’re in especially when it comes to queries.

 Okay enough lecturing for today. I’ll get to Z soon enough.