My first post was about friends and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, so’s this. After all, there’s worse things you can sound like, though maybe that depends on the record.

Last weekend was all round fabulous for a number of reasons. It was all round nutz too, but there. I wasn’t just in a favourite place on earth, I was in a favourite place, in a favourite place. With some favourite people too.  All this happened before the aforementioned river crossing-  last blog –  so it’s okay to get sappy. But I’ve known my friend, Lora, a long time. Ask no questions, get no lies told about how long.  And for  all of that time she’s known how much I wanted to write. We had talked about having a toast. But I really hadn’t expected it to be a champagne one. Or for  her and her hubby to have a gift that made me even sappier. A pen with my new name on.

 Then I came home and read Incy Black and got even sappier. I have to say when it comes to turning phrases go read the entry she’s just put up on knowing you are not a bad person.  The bullet points are brill.