He’s Mr Macho Man Privateer. Yup what is they say? Histrionically tough

La heroine  –  she has wishes?

He’s also histrionically smart. Nobody’s fooling him. Though he’s fooling plenty.

Nets are made to be slipped through.

As for ruthless, manipulative, conniving and mouthy, let’s not even go there.

Okay, so why is he then, when I made him on the page that way? Well, I sort of hopes I did anyhowz,  because, in a way, this is a follow on from yesterday’s post.  And why doesn’t he do something about it, like escape, smart man like him? Well…see… Might it be because he’s also…..

A dirt poor, abused background, farm boy from Savannah.

A US privateer, livelihood destroyed after the Napoleonic War. Hunted, caught and bought.

Mega proud. Biggest strength. Greatest weakness. What do  they say about that?

As for that mouth of his, the beatings and starvings it’s got him, you really think he’d learn to shut it.

Oh and when he was captured, having taken risks galore to keep the tub afloat, he passed himself off as his own cabin boy. Fanciful for a guy of 30. It comes out who he really is, he’s going to dangle on the end of a rope.  

 Escape? He’d like to but he’s learned the hard way not to. What is there for him anyway? So there he is…just biding his time….. trying to be obedient..like a lot of us..