Is it Welsh? English? Irish? Scottish? Within that the regional variations? Cornish? Cockney? Yorkshire? Liverpoodlian? Glesgae? Dundonese? Doric? Heilant? Geordie? Or any of the many I’ve missed.

The reason I ask is – you would know there would be one – I came across the following in a book recently. ‘He spoke with a British accent.’

 And I thought it was scary when I was standing on the unpubbed side of the fence sending out your query or your partial, a bit like the alien in Toy Story, going, ‘Me. Me. The publisher is my master. Perhaps I go to a better place.’ 

 What’s terrifying is standing on this side, wiping the sweat off the brow – muchos kissos Annie Melton for that –  just thinking of the hoops, the ones you must jump through, when the publisher ain’t gonna be it, because woa you got something wrong. Something you actually thoroughly researched. Yet here it is in print….a British accent.

 Now that’s scary.

Pride of Baltimore replica. The kind of ship owned by my hero in the war of 1812, and of course the Napoleonic War, before the Brit accented gents caught him.