Apart from who my friends are. Seriously. In a list…being as my heroine is rather fond of them…. Especially when it comes to certain things….

Not to call the nearest and dearest anything but nice on here.

Or anyone else the same

My dust can be pardoned a bit longer.

It is possible to live on peanuts and wine.

How to set up a Twitter account and survive

How to set up a WordPress blog without wellying the monitor with a shoe.

Or a hob nailed boot

How to create a digital signature and not have a nervous breakdown

How to write a blog and even better press the right button to publish it after twenty attempts

How to apply for an Itin

I’m sure there are things there I’ve forgotten but it’s been some week which brings me to my last item on the list.

That dreams can come true.

Mine did just last Wednesday and I have to say it’s not sunk in yet. But then, like that I have been busy trying not to kill the computer, and seeing my younger girl off to Malawi to work with Aids orphans. I’m saying nowt about who might need the more help here!! Anyway, it has always been my dream to write and I know if you are here, reading this, then it  probably is or was yours. So I’ll lay off the roller-coaster you ride, the highs, the lows, the steel teeth you develop, as your manuscript or query whizzes about publishing land and stick with the fab finish line.

 Two weeks ago, seeing they were looking to start a new imprint, I subbed to Etopia Press. Back came the auto response saying ….five week wait. But I was already waiting, with fulls and partials out…so.. Six days later the phone rang. An overseas call.  I picked it up and hung it.  Get out my gub when I’m busy being creative. So a few hours later here’s an email from Etopia. Well, they obviously hated this and they wanted to let me know double quick too, just how much I sucked, so I could suck off somewhere else. I opened it and saw all this nice stuff..blah blah blah. And I’m scanning down waiting for the BUT the monster elephant one as opposed to the elegant one on Jessica Baker’s blog, and there it was….the magic word. Contract. I shut the email at that point. It seemed the sensible thing to do. Obvi I had misread. It was another hour before I took another peek. I thought the wording might have changed in the meantime. But no. Anyway  the next day I mailed them to ask if they were out their trees. But second no. They had trees they were in. What was more they wanted me in them too. By nine o’clock that night the contract was there for me to sign. On a book that a year ago wasn’t even …dare I use the word in connection with this book…conceived.

So absolutely dreams can come true and so far I’ve one word to say about Etopia Press and Annie Melton….brilliant.

It’s all felt like this. Ah the bonnie Glencoe mountains.