Incy Black, romantic suspense writer who’s surely going to stop biting her nails soon, girl super talented as her, mentioned me yesterday.

Incy and I have been slogging it together, foot soldiers in the ranks of the unpublished for…….er, a little while now.. Telling secrets isn’t something I do. Even my call story I sat on for several hours, before even telling the nearest and dearest. So I’ll probably sit on it a bit longer. But I will say, if you think you can make the writing journey alone, you can’t.

There’s been friends who have listened and there’s been friends who have advised. Then there’s been those who have said you will do it. There’s also been those like Incy who said go the last mile, because there was a point recently where I nearly gave up the race, right at the finish line too.

So my first piece of advice, get yourself plenty friends. Oh and if the phone should ring long distance ..don’t just hang it up.